ATC – Terms & Conditions

  1. The Academic Year is from June 1 to May 31 of every Year.
  2. All the Registration of students should be done immediately after the admission in the provided form by RSDCA.
  3. All the application for examination should be done 3 months before the completion of course in the provided form by RSDCA.
  4. The validity of ATC registration will expire on 31st May of the academic year. The ATC shall renew the registration every year in the given form by RSDCA
  5. All the fee should be paid in the form of Cash / Cheque /Demand Draft, in favour of RSDCA
  6. If any change in name or address of ATC, it should be informed to RSDCA and inspection to be done
  7. The ATC shall not allowed to conduct any other courses which are not approved by RSDCA
  8. The ATC should strictly follow the Syllabus provided by RSDCA with proper Time-table Schedule.
  9. The ATC should be an unique Institution not sharing the Building/Tools /Infrastructure/Staffs with any other Institutions affiliated to any other Organizations.
  10. The fees paid to RSDCA shall not be refunded at any cost.
  11. The ATC shall take prior approval for any mode of display or advertisements.
  12. The ATC shall not provide any type of wrong information to the students or public. Any false or wrong information given to public will lead to the cancellation of recognition at any time without prior notice. RSDCA is not responsible for the legal activities for the same.
  13. The ATC Centre Head or any of its office bearers is not involved in any criminal case and or no is pending against him/her
  14. The ATC undertake to verify and certify the forms of the candidates forwarded by us to the : RSDCA that they are eligible in all respects as per eligibility conditions laid down.
  15. The TAC will not take admission with fake information regarding the certification validity, approval etc. and assure that it shall not propagate as the courses and certificate are directly from the government department/authority.
  16. The ATC shall only present students for examination after giving proper practical & theory classes by eminent faculties and make eligible before for final examination conducted by RSDCA authority.
  17. The ATC understand that, the RSDCA is a Non Profit – Non Governmental Educational organization (NGO) working on the field of skill training skill assessment and skill evaluation. ATC will not project RSDCA as a direct government department or the courses promoted & certificates issued by the RSDCA authority are not issued by direct govt. body.
  18. In case of any information furnished by ATC is found wrong or incomplete, the Institute may be derecognized and is also open to any action as per law.
  19. ATC shall abide the rules and regulations and the decisions taken by the management of RSDCA from time to time.
  20. ATC shall understand that RSDCA authority reserve the right to reject the application without assigning any reason. However ATC will have no right whatever to fight/challenge legally against the judgment in any court of law.
  21. .ATC will not collect any additional type of charges /additional fees for any reasons in the name of RSDCA in any manner from the candidates in addition to assessment fees prescribed by RSDCA. (Training/tution/course fees are exempted)