How skill certification courses are becoming popular in India

Skill certification courses benefit those who want advancement in their career or a boost in salary. They are setting a strong educational trend in India and are expected to rise in the coming years. There are certain reasons for the popularity of skill certification courses in India. Let’s discover them in detail.

The popularity of certification courses during lockdown

Certification courses became popular, especially during the lockdown. The pandemic has raised the movement of people toward professional courses. Many people started working from home, allowing them to redefine their career goals. People started moving towards vocational education as well as certification courses that take just weeks or months to complete instead of years. Although before the pandemic, there was adoption and high growth of professional courses, after the lockdown, the Indian market faced exponential growth.

Online learning gained popularity, due to which people started to enroll in skill certification courses. These courses proved beneficial not only for industry experts but for those who have no prior industry experience.

Adoption of emerging technology

Apart from the lockdown and work-from-home options, skill certification courses are also becoming popular due to the adoption of emerging technologies by enterprises. Yes, it is right! Due to technological advancements, the demand for IT-based and cybersecurity certifications has also increased. Companies are adopting new technology, due to which the need to understand and use such technologies rises. These courses can be completed online in just six or eight months, so they have become popular among learners in India.

There are many certification courses leading in India, including Google Project Management, Google Data Analytics, IBM Data Science, and Google IT Support. And Google UX Design, etc. By 2040, these courses are expected to serve more than 1.5 billion people. In short, people are adopting a lifelong learning approach through skill certification courses to stay competitive in the market.

Relevance and acceptance of skill certification courses in India

As a result of exposing skill gaps, several companies have started training their employees. By training people and giving them knowledge about modern technology, employees can fulfill the requirements of new jobs and tasks that may emerge from the use of new technology. These certification courses are delivered online or by using in-campus modules. In other words, we can say that these professional certification courses have found acceptance and relevance in almost all parts of India.

Professional certification courses | what is the future?

Due to the pandemic and increasing demand for professional certificate education, these certification programs are becoming common. People are moving towards online learning to meet the increasing demands of the workforce. Certification courses are offered for a short period, so they have less curriculum and cost. Not only this, but these courses are flexible compared to the regular ones.

Now, the educational institutions of India are also collaborating with ed-tech firms to provide certification courses that may up bring the skills of individuals.