We, Regional Skill Development and Certification Authority(RSDCA) is an Autonomous Body and a National Level Organisation registered under Govt of India and Indian NGO under National Capital Territory (Govt. of N.C.T) New Delhi.

Our organization is appropriately registered with the respective organisations/bodies and also have been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 by international certification body Czech Republic, Europe which provide acceptance of worldwide. We have also been awarded an international graded quality assurance certification by the very renowned international body UKAS – United Kingdom Accreditation Services

Regional Skill Development and Certification Authority Skill training centres, attempts to bridge this widening divide between those who have access to opportunities and those who are increasingly being marginalized from the ‘new economy’ jobs.

Regional Skill Development and Certification Authority addresses this endemic problem with an industry-based approach that is sensitive to the socio-economic needs of marginalized youth in the 16-45 years age group.

Regional Skill Development and Certification Authority is an example of synchronous social action of various stakeholders, which is aimed at mainstreaming and ensuring economic security for youth who could be victimized by poverty.

We offer a wide range of courses across various sectors.  You may check the list of sectors here https://rsdcaindia.org/sectors/

  1. All our courses are employment oriented; we help students to launch themselves as skilled professionals to work as entrepreneur or employee.
  2. In our courses everybody can pursue a career of their choice, based on one’s interest and inclination without any kind of pressure or hesitation. It has proved to be a big leap forward for institutes attached with us.
  3. Our Certificate is accepted across various orgnisations
  4. We offer flexible programs that can be pursued with employment

No, we offer assessment & certification for courses offered through our Athorised Training Centers. Students enrol into institutes that offer  courses. Students can check and choose as per their location preference.

A lot of work has gone into creating all our standards & assessments with years of research and compliance to international standards. What sets RSDCA certification apart is that all our courses are job oriented and our syllabus is not run of the mill. We have carefully selected curriculum for each course and divided it into relevant modules to ensure that the final output is a healthy combination of theoretical knowledge & practical skills that helps students to pursue a career of their choice and succeed in it.

We are not affiliated to any institute or body. Our standards and assessment  is unique, designed carefully keeping the modern, volatile working environment and other market dynamics in mind.

An affiliated course has never had a direct bearing on anyone’s professional success EVER! A course on the strength of being affiliated alone can never land you a job. However how much and what you know and whether you can implement it in real life decides your success and drives your career.

Our standards and certifications have been designed after extensive research and by people who are part of the industry. Successful completion of courses designed by us will help students make better judgements about the company they want to join, face interview with confidence and finally land a job that will take you a long way.

We do not offer any guarantee, if you mean false hopes and promises. However, if institutes execute our courses effectively as instructed, and students absorb everything that is being taught in class, we guarantee you both a bright future!

RSDCA is at your service throughout your journey. As soon as our Help Desk receives a communication regarding difficulty or hurdle you’re facing, our team will immediately reach out to you. Generally the transition is seamless but in case there are glitches, they’re sorted out.

Talk to us! Send us an email and we will get the discussion going via email or via a personal discussion whichever is mutually possible, viable and convenient.

Our standards are comprehensive and laid out well; which means your existing tutors are not burdened with extra work; they have to simply glance at the modules to understand our style of imparting education. Shifting from one way of teaching to the other is easy & quick.