Fire & Safety Engineering

Job Description

Fire engineers design and provide advice on both new buildings and buildings undergoing refurbishment in respect to fire safety measures. Their role is to help protect life, property and the wider environment from risk of fire and to help ensure that projects meet industry codes and legislative requirements.

Course Structure

  1. identifying possible fire-related risks and reducing or eliminating them
  2. making designs, calculations, sketches and/or diagrams to help prevent fire or fire spread (‘fire strategy’)
  3. incorporating fire safety procedures into designs – such as sprinkler systems, emergency exits and fire alarms – to minimise the risk of injury and loss of life in the event of a fire, taking into account both the structural integrity of the building and human behaviour
  4. making recommendations for the materials used in the construction or refurbishment of a building
  5. keeping up to date with regulations and legislation
  6. using modelling software
  7. visiting project/construction sites to advise on the installation or implementation of the designs
  8. providing advice that feeds into decisions on safe building occupancy levels, fire evacuation plans and so on
  9. writing reports on fire strategy

Entry Criteria

Class XII or equivalent


Certificate / Diploma / PG Diploma

Fees & Admission

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