Interior Designing

Job Description

Interior designers bring to life an artistic vision for work and living spaces, seeing out a project from conception to creation. Design plans should be cognizant of safety and functionality requirements and maintain a strict adherence to building codes and regulatory standards.

Course Structure

  1. Analyse measurement plan of site with existing architectural components.
  2. Demonstrate collection of anthropometric & ergonomic data for residence, retail and commercial buildings.
  3. Explain the process of drawing various kitchen & toilet design, layout and materials to be used.
  4. Appraise the concept of sliding folding partition viz. aluminium frame with glass and construct the drawing.
  5. Demonstrate the concept of acoustic partition and materials used for flooring and ceiling.
  6. Construct drawing of different types of flooring with concrete panel.
  7. Demonstrate drawing of a jewellery showroom including layout of furniture, firefighting measures, Air Conditioning system and other interior services.
  8. Demonstrate layout planning and drawing of different types of outlets viz. Departmental store,Supermarket, Specialty store and E-Market
  9. Explain the basic principles in designing a retail store.
  10. Demonstrate the overall designing concept of Apparel store outlet/Super Market/ Cosmetic store and evaluate the layout.
  11. Explain preparation of detailed drawing of different commercial areas viz. Bank, Restaurant, Hotel Lobbies, Poly Clinic etc
  12. Compare the price of materials used in decoration of residential and commercial complex.
  13. Demonstrate calculation of a specific area required for interior decoration and designing.
  14. Assess the rate of items and quantity required during preparation of bill of quantity (BOQ)

Entry Criteria

Class X or equivalent


Certificate / Diploma / PG Diploma

Fees & Admission

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